A fairy tale

Deep in the wild woods of ancient magic a princess lived.

Strolling among the trees, it seemed the forest floor enchanted her with every step. ‘Follow your heart’ it whispered, ‘follow your heart’. Especially when the wavey winds played with the tree tops and sang songs of distant destinies, the princess could feel her heart ache for expansion. With every breath, a longing grew within her. A longing to live fully, to lovingly yet unapologetically walk her path of meaning, a longing to greet the ocean of Love.

Time passed and the earth made it’s journey around the sun repeatedly. There were days, when the princess was tired of holding back. Tired of pleasing the forest nimphs and goblins, tired of not speaking out or moving. In these moments, you could hear her roar from a distance. Her nails and teeth grew sharp, her eyes beamed with the spirit of a tiger. On other days, if one could find her at all, she looked like a little child, trembling with fear. Scared to be seen or heard, scared to live her potential. Scared of the vastness of her own light and of the unknown, she rather hid in narrow darkness, caught in unpleasant yet familiar entanglement.

As the moon made its full appearance for the third time that year, the princess listened to the wolves howl. Goosebumps of recognition covered her skin. Earlier that day, she had marvelled at the countless buds unfolding in the bushes, the first flowers mixing their colours with the browns and greens of the woods, the fresh greens sprouting everywhere. Her heart to, had felt as if unfolding with colourful freshness.

It was that night, that the princess joined the wolves in their howl for the first and last time in her life. Early in the next morning, she was on her way. She walked upon the damp grounds of foggy landscapes. She listened to the forest grounds. She breathed with the waving winds. She continued walking, listening, breathing for days in a row. Alternately, one could hear her tiger roars, her weeping as well as her heartsong. Through it all, she walked, listened, breathed.

Until she felt the sand underneath her feet, heard the waves of the ocean and tasted a salty breeze. Until she met the ocean of Love, within and without.

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