11 november – Cacao & Vuur Ceremonie op t Strand

We organiseren weer een Cacao & Vuur Ceremonie op het Strand van Den Haag. Hieronder vind je alle informatie, laat me graag weten als je vragen hebt of als je je wil aanmelden!

Aloha Cacao at the beach lovers ❤️🌊🌈🔥

We have moved into the season of fall and we’ll connect with cacao medicine in circle on Friday 11th November. We offer a safe space for grounding, opening your heart, to reconnect as a tribe and let more play into your life!

We are here together to inspire, support and strenghten eachother throughout these transformational times ✨

In our ceremonies is room for co-creation: bring your voice and instruments! Feel free to share your favorite mantra.

Love & Aloha 🌈 Iris and Sarah 🌏


Friday 11th November
14.00 : Arrive and take time to land
14.30 : Cacao Ceremony
16.30 : End ceremony
16:30 : Sharing, connecting, fire dance, ocean dips.

Please arrive in time so we can open and close the ceremony together.

Send us a message so to let us know if you want to join. Reserve your spot so we know how much Cacao to prepare. We ask a contribution of €33. There’s an early bird of €28.

Registration: send your name, email, phonenumber to Iris or Sarah.

We’ll gather at a beautiful spot on the beach. You’ll receive the exact location (The Hague beach) after sign up 🤗

Please get in touch if you’re on a budget – there’s always a way – we welcome everyone who feels called 🙏🏽

What to bring:
💛 Yourself, just as you are
🎼 Your music instrument (even if you don’t know how to play)
🦄 If you like: any cushion or the like to make you comfortable
🕯 Optional: an altar-item to symbolise your current journey or intention in life
🥑 Bring some potluck to share if you’d like to stay longer

Feel free to invite your friends and loved ones! ♥️

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