26 juni – Cacao Ceremonie – Mantras & Ecstatic Dance

Cacao Ceremonie – Mantras & Ecstatic Dance

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❤️ a journey to the Heart ❤️

Let us be guided by the spirits of Cacao.
Let’s come together and connect deeply with our hearts.
Let us share a true connection and compassion for all that is!
Let’s become one with the dream of mother earth.
Let us share our joy in music and movement.

12:00 Doors open and a warm welcome with tea and sage
13:00 Opening Circle and Cacao Ceremony
14:30 Meditation and Mantra Singing with Sarah (guitar&vocals) & PeTro (percussion and soundscapes).
16:00 Shamanic oriented Ecstatic Dance Journey with live percussion.
17:30 Sharing Circle with Potluck, Tea & Fresh Fruit.
18:00 Closing Ceremony.

The door is open until 12:45, so please make sure you are on time to join us.
No entrance is possible any later!

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♥ Including Cacao, Mantra Singing, Ecstatic Dance, Tea, tasty Water, fresh Fruit & Bites
♥ From the head to the heart with the plant medicine that provides a soft and gentle heart opener
♥ An in-depth journey through guided meditation, live music, mantras, and dancing freely as life wants us to at that moment.

What to bring:
– You can bring a rattle, shaker, or another small percussion instrument to play together while chanting.
– Bring your own drinking bottle!
– We provide fresh fruit, tea, and small snacks
– Bring your own mattress, blanket, or pillow(s) to lie or sit on.
(we have some mattresses and pillows but not for anyone)
– Bring something small and delicious to share during the potluck.

The space is cozy with a soft and warm floor.
Wear comfortable clothes, preferably in layers, for warmth and comfort.
(during the Meditation, it can be nice to cover yourself with a warm blanket).

If there are flu-like symptoms, you will not come and can receive a refund!

Velsenluststraat 9, 3021 AW Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Free Parking at MevlanaPlein!

For tickets click here.

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