5 augustus – A Journey into Sacred Sound

Deze vrijdagavond ben je welkom in Wildgroei te Delft, om te genieten van een intieme muzikale avond. Verbindend en voedend op vele lagen, door het samen-zijn, de muziek, de zorgvuldig bereidde thee en fijne setting… Welkom!

Hieronder een stukje van de aankondiging, lees voor meer informatie en aanmelden hun website.

A Journey into Sacred Music (by Sarah Sounds)

A meditative, immersive journey in which Sarah Sounds takes us through a musical spectrum of songs, sounds, and silence.

You don’t have to be a musician or scientist to know that music is one of the most extraordinary medicines there is. Music is deeply intertwined with life and it has the potential to deeply remind us about the essence of the world and ourselves. For this special evening, we have invited our beloved Sarah Sounds, to create a magical musical evening with us. Sarah is an accomplished musician who performs ceremonial concerts as well as powerful medicinal music. Her music as well as her loving presence remind us of what really matters. Her message calls us to gently make space for a deeper listening to and connection with ourselves, our true nature.


Foto credits: Kijkomtezien

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