21 mei – Urban Shamanic Journey – Yoga, Music Medicine & Voice Liberation

 De Urban Shamanic Journeys worden georganiseerd door Iris Anuenue en per dag verschillende co-creatoren. Dit programma kan je los boeken óf samen met een van de of alle andere Urban Shamanic Journey dagen:

💫 Day 1 Yoga, Cacao* & Spirit Animal Journey
💫 Day 2 Yoga, Microdose* & Movement Medicine
💫 Day 3 Yoga & Kambo Microdose*
💫 Day 4 Yoga & Introduction with Rapé*
💫 Day 5 Yoga & Music Medicine & Voice Liberation
💫 Day 6 Yoga, Cacao & Breathwork

Hieronder meer info:

✨ This is our fifth of six Urban Shamanic Journeys: Yoga, Medicine Music & Voice Liberation.

✨ In this Journey you’ll learn more about the medicine of sound and using your voice. We’ll take a deep dive into music medicine and voice liberation, what, why, how; mantras, throat chakra, vibration & devotion, integration into everyday life. In the afternoon we’ll use listening and silence as sources of (medicine) music. You’ll meet your instrument; body, breathe and voice and learn more about the relation between your throat chakra and sacral chakra. And ultimately we’ll: find and play with your own voice, create your own mantra and integrate what we explored in a music medicine circle.

💜 Sarah Sounds is a true medicine music musician. Her voice is like that of an angel yet grounded in the earthy realms, and she welcomes everyone in a soft and open environment to explore and have fun with our voices.
You can find more about her work on social media and www.sarahsounds.nl .

✨ Well start the day with yoga to unwind and ground in our bodies so we are more open en susceptible to the information and the Cacao medicine. In the afternoon we’ll travel with the Cacao into a Shamanic journey to connect to a Spirit Animal.

✨ Through my own discoveries and experiences with Urban Shamanism, this series was created from the need for those on the Spiritual path of doing the inner work, practice and integrate the new insights and learnings. To create community and have more support in navigating these territories of rememberance, rediscovery and reawakening.

✨ If you have done any ceremony, attended a circle or a yoga teacher training, you might have felt ‘this is it’! And you want to learn more, maybe even one day create your own circle or ceremony, working with one or more of these modalities. Learning any of these practices is like learning a new language. You need to invest, practice, fall in love with it. And from that feeling, the devotion towards yourself and life, start taking the steps. This offering is one of these steps. We welcome you to join and experience, take which resonates with you.

✨ What is Urban Shamanism
All of us have ancestral links to Shamanic cultures if we go back far enough, because all societies have origins in tribalism. This knowledge and wisdom from ancient tribes is spreading across the globe now. Sometimes misunderstood and misused. It’s important we humbly take the time and honor these teachings before we integrate them into society. When we do, we can speak of ‘Urban Shamanism’. And these practices can change our society from the inside out, spreading awareness and opening hearts, minds and souls.

✨ In this extraordinary series we offer an alive and grounded blend of knowledge, wisdom, created experiences for re-learning and re-membering together.

✨ How does this series of Journeys work?
This can be a full six day journey for you, or choose 1-5 separately that you feel called to. In these journies I co-facilitate with other (plant medicine) facilitators to guide you on a deep exploration journey into the Self. To remember who you truly are!

🌿 What are plant medicines?
These are teachers of the natural world. Also called Plant teachers or medicines. They are able to unlock wisdom within us and let us see beyond all that is holding us back and what we currently know. They can help you to become a more true and higher version of you.

We will work with the medicine of:
🌿 Cacao
🌿 Microdose Muschrooms
🌿 Microdose Rapé
🐸 Microdose Kambo
🎶 Our voice/ sound / vibration
🌬️ Our Breath
🧘🏾‍♂️ All combined with Yoga practices to tune into the sacred geometry of our bodies and ground ourselves.

✨ You can join all six days as a complete package or pick your own combination of days. >>Via this hipsy link: you will find a discount until the 22th of February <<

✨ This is the time, the time of a massive shift. A shift that is happening right NOW. We are rising up, up and integrating into higher dimensions!

✨ Across all nations, all cultures, all tribes. People are raising their awareness, raising their vibrations, raising their voices!

✨ More details and info you find on my website: www.spiritofalohayoga.com

Love ♥️ Iris
& The Urban Shamanic facilitators

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